Friends General Conference

Nurturing faith and Quaker practice

Publishing with FGC

Spirit Rising front cover

FGC publishes several resources every year with the goal of nurturing Quaker meetings and individual Friends.

Traditionally, we have published books and pamphlets, although we have also produced CDs and digital resources. Our primary publishing imprint is QuakerPress of FGC .

Books published by QuakerPress of FGC must be on topics that address one or more of FGC’s major goals.

QuakerPress are carried by QuakerBooks of FGC, our own bookstore and marketed in other venues.


Note -- We are not currently accepting submissions for publishing at this time.  Please check back regularly, as we expect this to change in the next few months.


Friends General Conference has been publishing for over 50 years. See some of our most recent and most popular titles.