Friends General Conference

Together we nurture the spiritual vitality of Friends


Setting direction, and much of the work of FGC is done by volunteers. Clerks coordinate the work of committees. The clerks are listed by committee alphabetically.

Central Committee Clerk: Frank Barch
Blue Book: Judy Purvis
Christian Interfaith Relations Committee: Dorothy Day & Dorothy Walizer
Committee For Nurturing Ministries: Jean-Marie Barch
Committee on Discernment, Planning & Priorities: Marian Beane
Communications Policy & Infrastructure Committee: David Bantz
Deepening (CNM): Elaine Ruscetta
Development: Martha Roberts
Executive Committee: Frank Barch
Finance: Frank Perch
Friends Meeting House Fund: Carol Bartles
Growing (CNM): Elise Hansard
Long Range Conference Planning: David Haines
Long Range Conference Planning: Michelle Bellows (Assistant Clerk)
Nominating: Sally Weaver Sommer
Nominating: Karen McKinnon (Assistant Clerk)
Personnel: Bill Seltzer
Property: Constance Lezenby
Publications & Distribution: Joan Broadfield (Assistant Clerk)

Recording Clerks
Executive Committee: Deborah Haines
Executive Committee: Rebecca Haines Rosenberg
Finance: Matt Sanderson