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FGC 2019 Gathering Details and Registration 

Scholarships for FGC Gathering

Individuals interested in applying for scholarships for the Gathering in Grinnell IA, June 30-July 6, should be aware of FGC and NYM policies.


The January 1 issue of Friends Journal offers a lengthy interview with co-clerks Sharon Lane‐Getaz and Justin Connor about their work with FGC's Institutional Assessment on Racism Task Force.


Listening for What is Longing to be Expressed

This is a 2-day workshop, April 6 & 13, 2019.

Why consider attending?

Friends Couple Enrichment (FCE) is a spiritual ministry for couples who want to deepen what is already a satisfactory relationship. It is recognized by Friends General Conference, a national Quaker organization. (Interested couples can learn more at )


Have you sat in Silence and heard a whisper urging you to follow a leading? Too often we don’t listen to the Voice-within. It is common to dismiss the message as just some thought/idea you had and not one that is Spirit lead.


The NYM Journal aims to produce a publication that informs and inspires Friends with examples of Quaker faith and practice. Each issue will feature articles related to the Quaker values that are the focus of NYM Faith and Practice. We plan to publish three issues per year: Winter/Spring; Summer, and Fall. Deadlines will be announced in the e-News and posted on the NYM website (About>Publications).


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