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On a crisp and beautiful Saturday morning, more than 40 Friends assembled at the old meetinghouse to transport all the items that had been packed to the new meetinghouse. They used a fleet of station wagons, hatchbacks, mini-pickups, and another fleet of handtrucks of every description. The only paid professionals removed the two pianos from the old Social Room and took the newer, better piano (donated by Roberta Foss) to the new Social Room. The other piano went to a member's home, as did one bench from the worship room.



Construction of the new meetinghouse will not be completed later this month.  We now believe that the completion date will be August 30, so we have revised the move and worships schedule. Click the link at the bottom of this page to download a 1-page PDF of the schedules.

Please do not remove any furniture from the meetinghouse until after worship on September 1; the furniture is still needed. There is more information about removal on the schedule.


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