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In the tradition of the Religious Society of Friends for more than three hundred and fifty years, Oread Friends express their concern for peace and justice in a variety of ways, including living with simplicity and integrity, conscientious objection to war and other forms of violence, the use of appropriate technology, care of the environment, acknowledging the fundamental equality of all people, and supporting the civil and cultural rights of every human being.

Monthly Schedule

Meeting for Worship and First Day School takes place each First Day (Sunday) at 10:00 am. 
It is followed at 11:30 am by:
First first day --  Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business
Second first day -- Loaves and Fishes, a study group gathering with pot luck snacks, often shared reading of a book
Third first day -- Study Group of current FCNL, AFSC, or other legislative or active state or local topics or groups
Fourth first day -- Singing, led by a friendly Quaker/Catholic couple
Fifth first day (if there is a 5th first day) -- additional study group, pot luck for new or departing attenders and members, or other spontaneous event 

Oread Friends Meeting consistently has announcements shared at the rise of meeting, and maintains a print bulletin board at the Meetinghouse to announce upcoming events.

The Common Ground Program is a community gardening and urban agriculture program created by the City of Lawrence in 2012. The Common Ground Program’s goal is to transform vacant or under-utilized city properties into vibrant sites of healthy food production for our citizens. The Oread Friends Garden/Farm is a proud project site.


Oread Friends Meeting is now sponsoring a Friends Film series, showing movies with peace and justice concerns three-times a year at the Meeting House.

Waltz With Bashir
2008 Winner: Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film

Animated Documentary
Regarding One Man's Experience in the 1982 Lebanon War.
Praised for "Inventing a new cinematographic language."

Where: Oread Friends Meeting House, 1146 Oregon Street


On Saturday, November 28, Oread Friends Meeting displayed the following advertisement in the Lawrence Journal-World.


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