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Book Study of "Say the Wrong Thing" by Dr. Amanda Kemp

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During the months of January and Febuary Abingdon Friends held a study and discussion about this book.  

It was informative and stimulated much discussion about how we as the "white" community could approach and engage with other people in our community.

This book brought to the front how people of color feel threatened every day of their lives due to the color of their skin.  

It is a very worthy book to read and use as a discussion that we may all become aware of our "whiteness" and the priviledges that come with the color of our skin.

Members and attenders of our meeting are also associated with Appalachian Peace Education Center and are pursuing ways that local law enforcement can 

engage with people of other racial backgrounds in a manner that neither themselves or the person/people they are involved with come to any harm

through peaceful approaches to the issue at hand.

Thank you APEC.