AFC Commitment to Racial Justice

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AFC Commitment to Racial Justice

In every Alaska Friends Conference decision, Friends shall consider this query: "How does this decision move us toward our goal of becoming an actively antiracist community?”

AFC shall strive to increase financial and practical support for work for justice and social reform led by Black people, indigenous people and people of color.

AFC shall affirm “justice” as one of our core testimonies, along with simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and stewardship; and shall revise & strengthen our practices and writings to reflect this commitment.

AFC recognizes that our spaces have historically been very white and not naturally welcoming to people of color. AFC shall strive to make our meetings and worship groups truly open and welcoming to people of all races and ethnic groups.

AFC shall support, financially and through personal commitments, the Ministry on Racism of Friends General Conference and Decolonizing Quakers.  AFC shall encourage FGC to continue active stewardship of a national fund in Mahala Ashley Dickerson’s name to support this work. We also encourage all AFC meetings and worship groups to nurture relationships with indigenous people of their local areas.

AFC shall, in all its practices and actions, seek to confront racism and white supremacy, conscious and unconscious, and to educate all Friends to do so whenever it occurs. We understand that confronting racism must be based in love, respect and nonviolent principles to be effective to meet these ends.


Adopted Annual Session 2021