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Representative Committee

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Representative Committee is entrusted to act on behalf of Alaska Friends Conference between meetings, including approving expenditures in accord with the adopted budget and current finances and filling vacancies in AFC committees or representatives to other organizations.  Representative Committee also plans the program for Annual Session.

The Clerk, Recording Clerk, and Treasurer serve ex officio, and each Monthly Meeting appoints a member of Representative Committee. 


2019-2020 members

Jan Bronson, AFC Clerk

Laura Herman, AFC Rising clerk

Jim Cheydeur, AFC Bookkeeper

Sharon Baring, AFC Recording Clerk

Amy du Bois, Anchorage Monthly Meeting

Art Koeninger, Homer Monthly Meeting

Sarah Kehoe, Three Rivers (Talkeetna) Monthly Meeting

Doug Mertz, Juneau Monthly Meeting

David Bantz, Chena Ridge Monthly Meeting

Nicole Whittington-Evans, Mat-Su Monthly Meeting