Chestnut Hill New Meetinghouse

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Meetinghouse viewed from the north on August 20, 2013

The new meetinghouse for Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting is, as of 20 August, just a couple of weeks away from completion. Landscaping has begun, and paving of the driveway and parking lot were completed on August 20. The parking lot features paving that is permeable to rainwater; rain will soak in and pass to underground retention basins, from which it can then slowly trickle back into the water table, rather than overwhelm the storm sewers.

Interior finishing work is proceeding quickly. HVAC systems are operating, and the electronic networks for wireless Internet, hearing assist devices, alarm and telephone systems are in place. The final touch, as yet unscheduled, is for James Turrell to come and program the dawn and dusk light shows of the Skyspace.

For time-lapse slideshows of the construction process, please visit this page.

Updated Tuesday, 20 August, 2013