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Request to Refrain From Wearing Scents to Meeting

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From Ministry and Counsel

Some members and attenders of our Meeting have allergies to scents, including perfumes, colognes and products like hand creams that are highly scented. When such substances are present, these Friends must leave Meeting for Worship or move to a different part of the room.

For example, a member of our committee has a life-threatening allergy to patchouli oil, which causes her tongue to swell and her airway to shut down; she carries an epinephrine rescue injection for this condition. She must leave Meeting immediately if she is exposed to patchouli. She also has a less drastic but debilitating reaction to the scented fabric softeners some of us use in our washers and dryers.

Fortunately, Quakers are for the most part conscious of the simplicity of not wearing or using scents, so this is not a frequent occurrence. However, it does occasionally happen.

We would like to request that Friends refrain as much as possible from using scented products before coming to Meeting for Worship or other Meeting events so that all may attend safely.


Announcement, Newsletter, October 2012.