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Schedule of Upcoming Meeting Events

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Upcoming Meeting Events

Meeting for Worship Information:

Sunday, May 22 - 8:30 am Meeting for Worship In person only

Sunday, May 22 - 11:15 am Meeting for Worship Hybrid

Information for inperson Meetings

  • The COVID Committee strongly encourages all attenders of Madison Meeting who are meeting indoors and in-person, to be up to date on their COVID vaccineand boosters.

  • As always, attention should be given to health. If you feel sick at all or have recently been exposed to COVID and are not fully vaccinated, do not gather with others in person.

  • We ask everyone entering the building to wear a mask. High end masks (N95/KN95/KF94) are recommended. A supply will be available in the lobby if you don’t have one. We reviewed other Quaker organizations in NYM and found that both Milwaukee and Twin Cities meetings ask Friends to wear masks.

  • Attention to hygiene (washing or sanitizing hands frequently) continues to be valuable.

  • Food: At this time we ask that no food or beverages be consumed in the building. The new water fountains in the lobby may be used for drinking or refilling personal water bottles.

  • Physical distancing: Everyone should set their own boundaries and respect the boundaries of others.

Sunday. May 22, 9:45am - Forum (hybrid): 9:45am “Sacred Sites visit” thru Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice. At the gathering time Friends explain our Faith and Practice and then the visitors attend Worship. We have invited people from other faith communities to visit our Meeting on that date either in-person or virtually as allowed by pandemic. At the gathering time Friends will explain our Faith and Practice and then the visitors attend Worship. 1. How do you describe Quakerism to curious friends? 2. What does Quakerism mean to you? 3. For everyone: What are the important elements of a faith practice for you?

Sunday, June 5 9:45am - Meeting for Business Hybrid

Other Events

May 19-June 16 - New FGC Retreat: The Building a Meaningful and Connected Life eRetreat invites you to explore and practice the spirituality of meaning-making, resiliency, renewal, and life transitions. Participants will ask themselves and each other, what choices can we make and what steps can we take now to nurture our inner life, creative life, and connected life? Four weeks, $45 pay-as-led** participation fee. Weekly readings, queries, resources, and activities available on FGC’s eRetreat website, Matrix, Community Building Calls: Thursdays at 8:30pm Eastern / 7:30p Central / 6:30pm Mountain / 5:30pm Pacific, starting May 26. Need to register, For more inforamtion and link to register:

Saturday, May 21 – 9am - 1pm. Half Work Day at Mary House of Hospitality: All are welcome to join in for any portion. Mary House is located at 3579 County Road G, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965. Cassandra Dixon says there will be, “wood to stack, driveway cracks to seal, and as always the whacking at stumps and trees.” She has ordered envelopes and response cards to stuff in case it rains, or someone prefers to work inside. A wide assortment of tools will be available, but feel free to bring any that you’re partial to. Please also bring whatever food or beverages you will need. Questions can be directed to Pamela Minden at

Saturday, May 21, 1-4:00 pm - Lake Wingra Watershed Family Friendly Gathering, held at Vilas Park - sponsored by Dudgeon-Monroe Neighborhood Association. All are welcome, whether you live in the watershed or not. Arrive early with a picnic lunch and stay for some or all of the afternoon.More information at:

Thursday June 9 - 7pm Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice Annual Celebration: Revival is Coming. MMM is a Congregational member and Vicki is a board member. Registration required – link to register:

June 18, 2022: Poor People's & Low-Wage Workers' Assembly & Moral March on Washington. More information is available at The Wisconsin Poor People's Campaign is arranging for motor coach buses leaving from Madison ( and Milwaukee (, and some grant funding available if needed.

June 24-26 - 2022 Energy Fair - Custer WI - PSEC would like to announce the upcoming Energy Fair in Custer WI - June 24-26. This year's event connects with Meeting's anti-racism focus as well as our Climate Change focus as among those presenting are Kyle Whyte whose work focuses on the problems and possibilities Indigenous peoples face regarding climate change, environmental justice, and food sovereignty and Shimekia Nichols who is dedicated to growing Black leadership in environmental justice work. Another presenter is Chef Sean Sherman, a member of the Oglala Lakota tribe, For more information:; Speakers: Wisconsin Network for Peace & Justice will have a booth there Questions: contact Vicki Berenson

Food Forest Tours at the Farley Center: July 9th: 7-8PM; July 16th; 7-8PM; August 6th: 7-8PM Visit the Food Forest at the Farley Center and see what is happening and learn more about the value of food forests! The food forest includes newly planted areas through the Wisconsin Food Forests initiative as well as more mature areas featuring a range of planting styles: guilds and contours and a mix of plants from the well known: apples, pears, and grapes, to the lesser known: paw paw, cornelian cherry, honeyberry, quince, serviceberry, currants, and many more under and overstory plants. Details:

First Tuesdays of the Month - 10am - Experiment with Light meditation for anyone who’d like to join us. Developed by Quaker author Rex Ambler, Experiment with Light recreates the practice of silent worship as it was originally engaged in by George Fox and other early Friends. Contact Albert Bellg (Winnebago Worship Group) at for the Zoom link or to ask questions. You can find out more about the meditation at

FGC Ministry on Racism holds weekly Worship and Worship Sharing for both Friends of Color (Tuesdays 4pm CT) and white Friends / Friends of European Descent confronting racism and White Supremacy (Fridays 11am CT). See more on these and other events:

Sundays 11am (CT) - Daily Meeting for Worship: We invite you to join other Friends holding in the Light all the people affected by the current crisis in Ukraine - sponsored by Friends House Moscow, Join Zoom Meeting: Meeting ID: 416 500 5614, Passcode: 182805

  • We hold the first 10 minutes for centering in silence and the last 10 minutes also in silence to let the messages settle in our hearts.
  • The host will mute everyone at the beginning of Worship. Sink deeply into the Spirit which is not of this world and let ministry rise from that spirit to give us guidance and light. Raise your digital hand if you have ministry to offer and wait patiently to be asked to un-mute yourself to speak. A co-host will also be scanning for those who must raise a human hand or use chat to request to speak.
  • We leave a cushion of silence between messages, giving everyone a chance to fully absorb the message and return to centering in the Spirit.
  • During Worship, use the chat only for contacting the host if you are having technical difficulties or notice something that does not seem right. If you are new to Quaker unprogrammed worship and wish to talk with someone about it, send a message to the host and someone can join you in a breakout room.
  • Live transcription will be available for those with hearing difficulties. Some other functions will be disabled during Worship in order to discourage disruptions.
  • After Worship has concluded, you will be invited to a breakout room where you can introduce yourself to a small number of Friends and share thoughts that did not rise to the level of ministry.
  • Peace in our hearts, Peace for all the people, Julie Harlow, Friends House Moscow board

Sundays - 2:30am US Central Time: Meeting for Worship with Quakers Of Kyiv: – See Facebook Page:

Farley Center Events:


*Virtual Meetings for Worship, Business and Committees will be held by video or phone: Check Events for links to worship and programming. The Meetinghouse will be closed until further notice.

How to participate in virtual meetings with Zoom (created for NYM)

Every Sunday: 8:30 Meeting for Worship, 9:45 program or socializing, 11:15 Meeting for Worship. Children's programs start at 10:00.

  • Worship Meetings and the Gathering today use the same Zoom connection from a computer, tablet or smartphone: The link includes the password, but it is Quaker if you are asked.

  • From a phone (for just audio): 312-626-6799 and enter the Meeting ID: 723 937 143 # and then the password  888622 
    You will be muted when you enter the meeting. 

First Day School activities: Please contact for information and details. 

ONGOING SCHEDULE and information when the Meetinghouse reopens in the future:

*Driving to Meeting: If you are able to walk to the Meetinghouse please park in the neighborhood: in the Monroe St Library lot or on West Lawn, Keyes or Rowley. First priority for Meetinghouse parking lot is for folks with mobility concerns!



  • 8:30 am - Meeting for Worship
  • 9:45 am - weekly except First Sundays: Socializing and Quaker Topic forums* (Brunch only during the school year, but often there are snacks at the Meetinghouse)
  • 9:45 am - First Sundays: Monthly Meeting for Business on the Basis of Worship begins - Direct concerns to the presiding clerk ( by Wednesday prior to Meeting. Childcare will be provided for children aged 6 weeks -10 years downstairs.
  • 1st & 3rdD Sundays: Sand Ridge Meeting for Worship Group, 3981 County Road JJ, 767-2885 
  • 11:15 am - Meeting for Worship. First Day School classes and nursery, or when not in session there are activities and supervision for children downstairs during Meeting for Worship.
  • 12:30 pm (1st Sunday) - Food Pantry Baskets picked up from beneath the coat rack


  • 5:30 pm - Meeting for Worship


  • 4:45 pm - Luke House Community Meal, 310 S. Ingersoll St. (1st Wednesday)
  • 5:30 pm - Meeting for Worship



  • 1:00 pm (1st Sunday) - PSEC Climate Change Subcommittee (all interested are welcome to attend!) Contact
  • 1:00 pm (4th Sunday) - PSEC Anti-racism subcommittee (all interested are welcome to attend!) Contact


(Email committee clerks to verify times)

  • 7:00 pm - Nominating Committee (1st Thursday)
  • 6:30 pm - Finance Committee (2nd Thursday)
  • 7:00 pm - Building & Grounds Committee (2nd Thursday)
  • 7:00 pm - Care Committee (3rd Thursday)
  • 7:00 pm - Ministry & Counsel(3rd Thursday)

*Friends are invited to lead or contribute ideas for the Gathering program. For Quaker Topics or other program scheduling, contact Eric Howland (233-7072,


Worship Groups under our care