What is the "Sense of the Meeting"?

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Deborah Fisch of Friends General Conference

Potlucks and Process

Sessions to explore Quaker decision making, with Deborah Fisch

Note: This series was originally scheduled for April, 2014, but was postponed, and has now been re-scheduled to begin on October 7. See the calendar for more specific information.

Quaker decision making happens in "meetings for worship for business." Often it is inaccurately described as "consensus." For sure, we don't vote! But especially at times when Meeting members are in persistent disagreement about an important issue, how do we move it forward? How do we find unity in the Spirit?

Deborah Fisch is a member of Paullina Friends Meeting in Iowa Yearly Meeting Conservative. She served 12 years as presiding clerk of her yearly meeting after serving eight as assistant clerk. She serves as the Associate Secretary for Ministries for Friends General Conference and has been blessed to have the opportunity to visit and work with several monthly and yearly meetings speaking and leading retreats/workshops on a variety of Quaker faith and practice topics over the last several years. Deborah lives in Des Moines,
Iowa, when not traveling for work.