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Baton Rouge Friends Meeting

About Our Meeting

     Baton Rouge Friends Meeting began in 1965 when Wade and Selma Mackie came south to Louisiana to work in the Civil Rights Movement.  Initially meeting in homes, they gathered with like-minded people from the Movement and from their work places and a Quaker presence became a part of the Louisiana faith culture.  The first Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business held as a formal monthly meeting in the Religious Society of Friends was on January 15, 1967.  Ours was the first new monthly meeting to be minuted into the membership of South Central Yearly Meeting (SCYM).  

     Although many times we have been quite small in numbers, our Meeting has met continually in Baton Rouge since its inception.  In 1982, there was only one family remaining.  They had brought the idea of "laying down" the Meeting to SCYM that year and had been encouraged to wait a year before taking action.  As sometimes hapens, there was then a surge in attendance in the fall of 1982 and the Meeting was revived.  One of the first actions of the energized Meeting was to declare sanctuary for Central American refugees in 1983. 

     There have been many hills and valleys in the years since declaring sanctuary.  Our meeting gathers faithfully each week in expectant silence in the manner of un-programmed Friends (without clergy or a pre-arranged service or liturgy) throughout the world, and each hour of worship connects us to our larger family of Quakers. 

     If you are looking for an hour of peace in a noisy world, we have an open chair for you in our circle.  For over 350 years, The Society of Friends has stood for peace, equality and simplicity.  All are welcome. 

Our wider Quaker Family includes Friends in Bayou Quarterly Friends Meeting, South Central Yearly Meeting and A Gathering of Southern Quakers.

BAYOU QUARTERLY FRIENDS MEETING includes these monthly meetings and/or worship groups:  Friens Meeting of New Orleans, Baton Rouge Friends Meeting, Acadiana Friends Meeting, Beaumont/Lake Charles worship group, Live Oak Friends Meeting (Houston, TX) and Galveston Friends Meeting.  We meet in January and September of each year at a retreat center just north of Lake Charles, Louisiana.  Contact Pam Arnold, treasurer, 225-665-3560, for information.

SOUTH CENTRAL YEARLY MEETING includes monthly meetings and/or worship groups located in Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and southern Missouri.  We meet over the Easter weekend at a campground just south of Waco, Texas.  Go to for information.

A GATHERING OF SOUTHERN QUAKERS is an unofficial gathering of isolated people who may or may not live close enough to a monthly meeting for regular attendance.  Meeting since 2013, we usually get together in the fall of the year, someplace in central Mississippi.  Contact Pam Arnold, Baton Rouge Friends Meeting, 225-665-3560, for information.

Worship with us!

We meet at The Red Shoes
2303 Government Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70806
United States
Meeting Times: 

Worship begins each First Day (Sunday) at 11:30am unless otherwise noted.

First Sunday:  Worship with no scheduled activity following

Second Sunday:  Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business (We incorporate our business into the time of worship, which usually results in a time commitment of at least 1-1/2 hours.) 

Third Sunday:  Worship followed by a First Day School Discussion (Customarily, one hour for worship and one hour for First Day School.)

Fourth Sunday:  Worship followed by Eating Meeting (Pot Luck!)

Fifth Sundays are for traveling ministry.  Someone is always at The Red Shoes to greet visitors and convene worship but some folks will travel to worship with Friends in other cities, often New Orleans or Lafayette.