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Oral History Videos

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Oral History Videos

During the summer of 2006 our First Day School students videotaped interviews with eleven older Meeting members. Those Friends spoke about their lives and the importance of Quakerism to them.

The following Friends were interviewed: Peg Baseden, Tod Baseden, Richard Brigham (1925-2012), Ted Brinton, Toni Brinton (1927-2011), Dorothy Carroll (1922-2012), Arnold Fletcher (1918-2015). Anne Harrington, Jim Harrington (1925-2010), Sonia Ralston (1921-2014) and Ruth Young.

Most of the interviews took place in Birmingham's Octagonal Schoolhouse, which was built in 1819. Dorothy Carroll was interviewed in her home, the old Orthodox meetinghouse across the street from Birmingham.

Many thanks to Peg Baseden for the work she did to make these videos available to us here, to Judy Butler who had the inspiration to create the videos with the FDS students and was the "director/producer", and to Derek Bednarski who taped the interviews and produced the original recordings.

2008:         Oral History 2007 (23:40), A short compilation of extracts from each interview

7/02/2006:  Tod Baseden (34:14), Introduced by Jacob Wells, Interviewed by Rachel Wells

7/02/2006:  Ted Brinton (30:05), Introduced by Michela Quigley, Interviewed by Rachel Wells

7/09/2006:  Toni Brinton (16:26), Introduced by Marco Mazzarelli, Interviewed by Nina Mazzarelli

7/23/2006:  Ruth Young (6:08), Introduced by Nina Mazzarelli, Interviewed by Nina Mazzarelli

7/30/2006:  Richard Brigham (25:03), Introduced by Amy McKenney, Interviewed by Amy McKenney

8/07/2006:  Arnold Fletcher (22:53), Introduced by Judy Butler, Interviewed by Judy Butler

8/13/2006:  Anne Harrington (9:41), Introduced by Gordon Jones, Interviewed by Gordon Jones

8/13/2006:  Jim Harrington (11:21), Introduced by Gordon Jones, Interviewed by Gordon Jones

8/20/2006:  Peg Baseden (19:30), Introduced by Rachel Wells, Interviewed by Rachel Wells

8/27/2006:  Dorothy Carroll (26:50), Introduced by Judy Butler, Interviewed by Amy McKenney

9/03/2006:  Sonia Ralston (30:28), Introduced by Nina Mazzarelli