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New Health and Safety Guidelines for the Meetinghouse - Nov 13 2022

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These guidelines were approved by BFM on 11th Month 13.


Please avoid the Meetinghouse if you have had contact with an infected person in the past 10 days; or you have a
fever, cough, or other symptoms; or if you have tested positive for COVID-19 in the past ten days. Please be
particularly cautious if you have recently been traveling. Please remember that you are always invited to attend
meeting for worship and other meeting events via Zoom.

During Fellowship in the Meetinghouse please DO the following:
• Individuals are asked to continue to wear masks in the Fellowship Room while participating in fellowship and
social activities other than eating or drinking.
• Individuals may remove masks while eating or drinking in the Fellowship Room. Some Friends may prefer to
eat outside when possible.
• All should be mindful of physically distancing.
• Please do not linger around the serving table.
• Masks should continue to be worn during singing.
• The Meetingroom, the children’s classrooms, and the restrooms will remain areas where masking is required
at all times.
• Use hand sanitizer and/or wash your hands frequently to avoid the spreading of colds and flu.

Thank you for your cooperation now and in the future as Bloomington Friends Meeting adapts policy to changing
conditions over time.