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Calling a Meeting for Worship in times of need

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Bloomington Friends Meeting has established a procedure for a Friend to call a Zoom meeting for worship when they feel a need. 

This discussion arose after a question was raised about how a meeting for worship could have been called in response to the events in Washington, DC, on January 6. 

The procedure is as follows: 

  • The person with the request contacts the Meeting clerk
  • The clerk works out a prospective time with them. 
  • The clerk then, directly or through the calendar/Zoom coordinator, adds the event to the calendar and asks the keeper of the Meeting eList to send out an email notice. 

Though the entire process might occur over a short time, it seems reasonable to expect that at least 24 hours might need to be allowed. It's expected that the public Zoom meeting link will be used for these called Meetings for Worship.