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About Quakers

Friends (Quakers) are officially called the Religious Society of Friends.  Two things that make us unique are our traditional style of worship and our group method of decision-making.  Quakers believe that every person can learn to hear God's prompting and to live by it.

Broadmead Friends Meeting extends almost 70 miles along Route I-75 from Toledo to Bluffton. Most Sundays, we hold meetings for worship in both Bluffton and Toledo.  The whole group meets together (in Toledo, Bluffton, or Findlay) on the third Sunday of each month for worship, a potluck lunch, and a program, discussion, or business meeting. Meeting for Worship is held every Sunday in Toledo, even if our third Sunday meeting is happening in Bluffton or Findlay.  Bluffton Friends do not meet on the third Sunday of the month unless they are hosting the wider meeting.  Please check our calendar for details!   You are always welcome to join any of our gatherings. 

We know that people of all ages, races, and sexual orientations are equal before God and should be treated equally and fairly.  Broadmead Friends is an LGBTQIA welcoming community.

Quaker Worship

The community gathers together in a waiting, expectant spirit. Worship is in silence until a participant feels led to share a message with those present. There may be many, few, or no such messages, which Friends call "vocal ministry". The meeting concludes when the person with responsibility for closing the worship discerns that the time has drawn to an end.  Worship usually lasts about an hour. Clothing is casual.

Toledo Worship Group offers an organized children's program.  Bluffton Worship Group warmly welcomes children and asks you to call ahead so that we can be prepared to welcome your family.

How Quakers Conduct Business

Friends' decision-making is based on communal discernment of where God is leading us. Discernment involves careful listening and recognizing God-inspired leadings. We use discernment to distinguish between an interior leading from God and a worldly impulse such as a desire to feel important or look clever.

During worship, Friends can come into a powerful experience of unity. The same unifying spirit is the basis for Friends' decision-making. Quakers do not decide by voting. Instead, we look for a unity deeper than majority rule.

You are welcome to attend or meetings for worship with attention to business which take place on the third Sunday of the month following meeting for worship.