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Dear Friends, May 2020 I wanted to be in touch with you during this time of uncertainty and loss, of scrambling to adjust to new ways of supporting our spiritual communities, and of (eventually) imagining something new coming out of it all. With a view across the world, many churches and meetings are worshiping online, allowing people from far away to return to worship or even to try out new forms of worship, while others are mourning the loss of weekly worship, feeling isolated and alone. Many are feeling an increased sense of God’s presence, appreciating things with new awareness, while others are wondering where God is in all of this suffering. And many are mourning the loss of loved ones, struggling to find ways for the community to come together to mourn and celebrate the people we have loved. There are other losses. Our Quaker communities are called upon to be present and serve at this unsettling time. At FWCC, we are called to serve the global community of Friends in a way that serves the most vulnerable among us.