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Purposes and Responsibilities of Broadmead Committees

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How Quakers Conduct Business

Broadmead Friends gather monthly for meeting for worship with attention to business.  Our decision-making in these meetings is based on communal discernment of where God is leading us.  Quakers do not make decisions by voting but look for a unity deeper than majority rule.  Our monthly meetings for business are conducted in a spirit of seeking unity and discernment.  This involves careful listening and recognizing Spirit-inspired leadings.  During our time of worshipful attention to business, Friends can come into a powerful experience of unity.

Much of the work of Quakers is done in committees that meet to consider meeting concerns, bringing proposals and updates to the wider community at the monthly meeting for business.  Our committee members also seek together for Spirit-inspired leadings, unity, and discernment in their decision-making.  Committees in Broadmead Meeting include:

Ministry and Nurture

Youth and Children


Site and Arrangement

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