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Downingtown Friends Meeting's Death Cafe

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Hello, Friends,  

After the first Death Cafe held by Downingtown Friends Meeting, people had a positive experience and asked for future gatherings. We invite friends from Caln Quarter and others who are interested to attend the Second Downingtown Friends Death Cafe. 

Intention: An open dialog to slowly help us become free of this fear and live fully, realizing how precious life is.

RSVP: Please do, so we can plan the amount of tea and cake.

At a Death Cafe we sit and talk, eat cake, drink tea.....There is no fixed agenda; people are invited to think about the end of life and may share their thoughts as they are led.

Our acceptance of death influences not only the experience of dying but also the experience of living; life and death lie along the same continuum. One cannot--as so many of us try to do--lead life fully and struggle to keep the inevitable at bay. So, let's talk about it again. It's not a one meeting fix, we need spiritual time to accept and become comfortable with our cycle of life.  

Ray Regan, and Martha Bryans, hosts