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Undoing Racism Forum

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Undoing Racism: How Shall We Be?  Forum Held at RMM    On Sunday, October 16th, 2016 Worship and Ministry Commiee sponsored a forum aended by more than 30 RMM members, aenders and visitors from Caln Quarter on the topic of Undoing Racism.      The team of four women from the Philadelphia area, Joan Broadfield, Victoria Greene, Gabrielle James, and Maire Moriarity, came to share their personal journey to become members and aenders of Quaker worship.      While taking ques.ons from par.cipants Ms. Broadfield pointed out a subtle marker of discrimina.on that she has experienced o+en from other Quakers.  She stated that it occurs when Friends, upon her, o+en first ask when she became a Quaker.  She senses that this happens when Friends wrongly assume that she is “convinced” and not a “birth-right” Quaker.       While this might not seem like obvious discrimina.on or racism from our, her experience of this suggests deeply held assump.ons by Friends about the lack of par.cipa.on by people of color.  The forum ended with a discussion of the importance of our and worship.  Charlie Gilbert