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Black Quaker Lives Matter Film Festival 2023

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The Black Quaker Project’s Film Festival continues this month. Join Friends at the Meetinghouse at noon to watch the films about significant Black Quakers and their contributions, or sign up to watch them on your own at home.

Saturday, March 4: Sarah Mapps Douglas      Saturday, March 18: Paul Robeson. (both start at noon)

Sarah Mapps Douglas (1806-1882) was born in Philadelphia to a prominent Quaker, abolitionist family. Her commitments led her to involvement with both the Female Library Association and the Female Anti- Slavery Society. Douglas became well-known for her abolitionist work.

Paul Robeson (1898-1976) was a descendent of two well-known Quaker families. Robeson excelled in many areas, primarily sports, music, and theater. He was a lawyer, but left the profession due to racism. Later Robeson became involved in radical, humanist political beliefs and was a strong activist for these.

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Feel free to bring your lunch or a snack to share.