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George Lakey Presented His New Book, "Viking Economics," at Content Books on October 4th

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George Lakey, a Quaker social justice and climate activist, spoke on Tuesday, Oct. 4, at Content Books about his new book, Viking Economics, which has been getting great press. An activist for over fifty years, George is one of the founders of Earth Quaker Action Team (EQAT).  He also told the group about a new campaign the EQAT group is involved in called "Power Local Green Jobs," which uses nonviolent, direct action to challenge PECO, a utility company, to take responsibility for creating jobs and benefiting poor communities by making a major shift to locally generated solar power for electricity.

Author and activist George Lakey invited "hard ball questions" from those attending as a means of generating discussion of how Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Iceland got to the top of the international charts measuring well-being and equality, even though only Norway found oil.  These countries struggle with racism but use their economic structures to achieve justice more quickly, and they also accelerate their climate achievements.  Lakey suggested that America could achieve similar goals, in spite of the deep political divide in our country.

According to Frances Moore Lappé, Lakey's new book, "Viking Economics," is "brilliant, fun to read, and most timely--just what Americans need right now! Lakey busts key myths that keep us believing we can’t have the society we want. Bravo for this great source of evidence-grounded hope!”  Bill McKibben calls the book "completely fascinating."  Copies of Viking Economics are still available for purchase at Content Books on Division Street in Northfield.