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Peace Camp 2019 Day 2: Young Inventors

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Participants were introduced to five young inventors on the second day of Peace Camp. Many of these ideas were inspired as ways to help other children facing special challenges (image 1). 

Louis Braille was just a boy when an eye injury made it difficult to continue reading.  Ricky shared the story of how he developed the system of raised dots that is still used by blind people. He was only 12 when he started to develop his system. She also had some familiar children's books with braille. Then each camper made a braille name tag for themselves (image 2).

Mid-morning, Eric introduced Tai Chi to the group outside by the garden (image 3).
After snack, the meditation was devoted to thinking about how our we can experience the world by listening. Sam brought a singing bowl and Tibetan temple bells (image 4).
The story board created today featured Louis Braille and four other young inventors, two of them Minnesotans. Their creations have helped people in need of hot water, or a way to more easily flee a dangerous area, or kids with autism or in need of an electric wheelchair (thumbnail).