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Peace Camp 2019 Day 5: Working Together for the Environment

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The last day of camp was all about the power of working together. Especially when the problem is as huge as climate change.
Instead of hearing a book about a young person who's made a difference, Katie Schroeer came and told her own story about becoming an environmental activist here in Northfield and Minnesota.
After hearing Katie's stories of cooperation, we tried a game where everyone had to work together to accomplish a goal. With one rubber band, attached to four strings, held by four different people; we worked together to build a pyramid of cups without using our hands.
After snack, yoga, and meditation, the camp participants made their fifth storyboard of the week.  It features information about Katie as well as a young Swedish activist named Greta Thunberg and other kids working for policies to combat climate change.
Each day Cindy Robinson came to sing with the campers before lunch.
Also each day, the kids went home with a card telling the story of young people around the world engaged and working for issues that affect their lives and futures. These can be conversation starters for their families and friends.