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Cannon Valley Friends Meeting Minute on Climate Change (Approved October 14, 2018)

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We at Cannon Valley Friends Monthly Meeting are aware that climate change is real and is happening now. Responsible use and right sharing of the world’s natural resources are crucial to human survival and welfare. We understand that we need to act individually and as a community to reduce our own use of fossil fuels. We also understand that it is crucial that we act as a nation to put in place policies that will reduce climate change.

We support the position of Friends Committee on National Legislation, (, which states that the U.S. should put a price on carbon emissions. We ask Congress to enact a carbon fee that would be paid at the well or mine and that would rise over time, with the fees collected being returned to households as a dividend, to protect lower and middle-income households.

We understand that putting a price on carbon will not solve all the problems of climate change, but we also believe that it is an essential and significant step toward mitigating the damage.

We affirm that this minute was approved by Cannon Valley Friends Meeting at its monthly Meeting for Business on October 14th, 2018. Located in Northfield, Minnesota, Cannon Valley Friends Meeting is a part of the Religious Society of Friends and is affiliated regionally with Northern Yearly Meeting and nationally with Friends General Conference.

Janet Petri, recording clerk           Linne Jensen, clerk of meeting
Cannon Valley Friends Monthly Meeting
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