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CVFM Minute Regarding Constitutional Amendment on Marriage (Approved by CVFM on Jan. 8, 2012)

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As a community Cannon Valley Meeting recognizes the value of marriage and the importance for all couples seeking marriage to have the opportunity to enjoy the same social supports and legal benefits. Therefore, as a Meeting, we oppose efforts that create barriers for couples of the same gender to fully participate in the institution of marriage.

We understand marriage as an expression of the joy and deep commitment between two people who love each other. In 1996, we agreed to witness the marriages of all couples, regardless of gender. In August 2011, we resolved to continue providing religious witness and celebration of marriages for all couples and not to sign legal marriage documents for any couples since legal marriage documents are not available for all couples.

Based on our history and for the reasons stated, we stand in opposition to any constitutional amendment restricting participation in the institution of marriage to couples consisting of a man and a woman.

Prepared by the Peace and Wider Interaction Committee for Cannon Valley Friends Meeting
Approved by the Meeting for Business of Cannon Valley Friends Meeting on January 8, 2012