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Together we nurture the spiritual vitality of Friends
Meeting for worship - Again meeting in the meetinghouse. Facemasks and social distancing encouraged.


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Are Quakers Christian?  Depends on what you mean you mean by Christian.  Friends historically have their roots in a radical form of Christianity.  Many of our members identify themselves as Christians.  Some do so all of the time, others depending on the latest crazy thing going on in the news.  We do practice hospitality and try to make everyone feel welcome, no matter what your spiritual background.  We emphasize a kind of integrity based on a heart knowledge that is deeper than words or creeds, where we feel words come from.  We feel that that level of experience and truth allows for diverse articulation depending on the background of the individual.  We find unity at that deeper heart level.

More FAQ: Individual meetings often differ, as do individuals within a meeting, but to get a general idea of where our meeting is coming from, you can view the following responses to Frequently Asked Questions.  This comes from Friends General Conference, a Friends organization that we are loosely affiliated with