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Resources for vocal ministry

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I worry that new people coming into our meeting for worship may get the impression that meeting for worship is a spiritual discussion group.  I worry more that some members would prefer that it was.  I'm attaching some resources that Friends may want to consult for learning how to discern if and when to speak in meeting for worship.  The first set of PDF's come from a pamphlet written by Tom Gates, formerly of Lancaster Meeting, called "The Gathered Meeting Revisited."  It's a succinct summary of what Friends should consider for discerning if and when to speak.  Following that are some links to current discussion on vocal ministry from the wider circle of Friends.

Selected pages from the Tom Gates pamphlet "The Gathered Meeting Revisited"

Friends may also want to consult the description of Meeting for Worship in the About section of this website.

Or check out these links at QuakerSpeak