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Climate change resources

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From our discussion of climate change, here are some resources that might be helpful.

News sites:

NPR's state impact website -
Philadelphia Inquirer -
Yale Climate Change page -
EOS - Earth and space science news -

State resources

Sierra Club of Pennsylvania -
Penn Environment -
Pennsylvania Interfaith Power and Light
The Pennsylvania Council of Churches has useful links

Fracking resources:

Cornell University group involved in fracking research -
Better Path Coalition -

Major national organizations devoted to climate change advocacy:

Bill McKibben's group -
Transition US Resilience -
Natural Resources Defense Council
Post Carbon Institute -
Extinction Rebellion -
Union action on climate change -

Six of the most high-impact, cost-effective, evidence-based organizations -

Chesapeake Bay Foundation -

Justice for the coalfields -

Other resources:

Hawken book and website mentioned in 2nd hour discussion
Drawdown: 100 solutions to reverse global warming
Our World in Data article on greenhouse gases -
From Founder's Pledge - comparison of personal lifestyle changes -
Here is a related book mentioned in the current issue of Friends Journal: The Parents Guide to Climate Change

Local resources

South Mountain partnership -

Watershed protection groups within Cumberland County -

Agricultural Land Preservation Board -

Cumberland County Conservation Collaborative -

Quaker sites:

EQAT (Earth Quaker Action Team) -

from Eli Fishpaw from Baltimore Yearly Meeting's Friends in Unity with Nature - NEXT STEPS IN JOURNEY TO RIGHT RELATIONSHIP WITH CREATION

Tools from FUN to calculate carbon footprint

For those of you who remember when Charles Eisenstein spoke at the meetinghouse, he has a new book out on climate change.  Here is a link to a selection from the book: