Friends General Conference

Together we nurture the spiritual vitality of Friends
Meeting for worship - Again meeting in the meetinghouse. Facemasks and social distancing encouraged.

Meeting for worship - 10 to 11am

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"Semi-contemplative method...but under a sense of inward communion and with prophetic expectation."  

Dean Freiday, from Barlay's Apology in Modern English


Official meeting time is 10am to 11pm.  Friends start trickling in around 9:15am for a period of sllence before the "official" meeting.

We have a children's program that occurs during meeting for worship.  Kids usually sit in meeting for about the first 15 minutes.  

Business meeting, where we make decisions on our life together, is held the 2nd Sunday of the month and usually starts around 11:45.

We sometimes have a first day school program that meets at various times.  We are finishing up a discussion of the Book of Revelation on Feb 2 at 9am.

Here is a link that is a good place to start for learning about unprogrammed meeting for worship.

Welcome to Visitors (This often appears on the back of the bulletin we hand out at meeting for worship)

Whether you are here out of deep spiritual concern or pure curiousity, your presence enriches our meeting. We meet in the conviction that we can be a body infused with love, truth, and forgiveness. The meeting this morning is not liturgically set aside as a moment of special revelation. We will encounter the same distractions and dryness in our silence that we experience during the week, but instead of fleeing this emptiness, we turn towards it and await the intimations of divine love in our desires to minister to one another, however simply, and in opening ourselves to receiving that ministry. As Christ Jesus came to Jerusalem as a simple carpenter from Galilee from which the scriptures assured that no prophet would ever arise, we look to one another rather than to images and institutions of celestial power for our sense of God.
The meeting for worship will generally close after about an hour. We attempt to speak in response to intimations of divine leading; we thus count on forgiveness and tolerance.