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Ramallah Friends Meeting a Peace Table Presentation

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Peace Table Presentation - Sunday April 28th during coffee hour
A Quaker presence for decades, even a century in the heart of Palestine; a meeting (Ramallah Friends Meeting) that will celebrate its 120th year of existence; a school (Ramallah Friends School) that has educated people from the Middle-East for an even longer time. Why are these Friends, halfway around the world, important to us? What is the special connection and partnership that some here in CPMM and PYM have with the Meeting and the Schools?

How is sustaining and nurturing a Quaker meeting the same as here in the U.S. and how is it different? What are the particular challenges faced by the Schools, the Meeting and AFSC.? Is there a witness that Friends can make in a place like Ramallah caught in a seemingly intractable political situation and 70 years of occupation?

If questions such as these, and others you may bring with you are of interest, please join this Peace Table Presentation. Arlene Kelly, Clerk of Friends of Ramallah Friends Meeting - Quakers, will be facilitating the conversation and hopefully joined by other CPMM folks familiar with Ramallah Friends School and the work of the AFSC in the region.

Sunday, April 28, 2019 - 12:15pm to 1:00pm
Friends Center, Cherry Street Room
1501 Cherry
Philadelphia, PA 19102
United States