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Quakerism 101 - Quaker Worship

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Session 4: Quaker Worship


Welcome to Central Philadelphia Meeting's Quakerism 101 course, a Quaker primer in eight sessions.

Our fourth session will explore the nature of Quaker Worship, its faith and practice through history and in the present day. Interested in previous sessions? Click the link below.

Link: to our main Quakerism 101 web page.

Date: February 28, 2021, 1–3 pm.

Zoom: The session will be held via Zoom using the same link used for the meeting for worship:

Zoom Meeting ID: 550 104 323
Password: cpmm

Facilitators: Zachary Dutton and George Schaefer.

Suggested Reading—Quaker Worship

Recommended for the busy Quaker:

  • Four Doors to Meeting for Worship, William Taber; Pendle Hill Pamphlet #306; $7.
  • The Gathered Meeting Thomas Kelly; Tract Association of Friends.
  • The Gathered Meeting, Steven Davison; Pendle Hill Pamphlet #444; $7.

A more comprehensive list:

Quaker WorshipA rich portal for resources available on New York Yearly Meeting's website, pamphlets, book, links.

Vocal Ministry—also on


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