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Quakers and Capitalism

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A Progamm of Adult Religious Education Committee

November 28, 2021

Steven Davison facilitator


Below are links to resources on Quakers & Capitalism:

Quakers and Capitalism—A History of Paradoxes

This is a page on Steven's blog Through the Flaming Sword with links to the blog posts on Quzkers and Capitalism that form the core of his book-in-progress on this subject.

Note also that this material appears as a chapter in Volume 5 of Friends Association for Higher Education's Quakers and the Disciplines series title Quakers, Politics, and Economics, available on Amazon here

1918 Testimonies on the Social Order

Download a document that includes the two testimonies that emerged from London Yearly Meeting in its attempt to understand and respond to the causes of World War I while it was happening.

Quaker Contributions to Industrial Captialism

This document gives a brief survey of Quaker innovations and other contributions to the development of industrial capitalism. The list is extensive, but gives only brief descriptions of the individual items in the list.

Quakers and Capitalism—A Reading and Resource List

A bibliography of readings, mostly by Friends, of resources on Quakers and the economy.