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Religious Education for Children

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"What is First Day School?"

Every third Sunday, CPMM's Youth Religious Education Committee provides a meaningful activity for children of all ages. 

First Day School is children's religious education, or what other churches call "Sunday School." Central Philadelphia Quakers provide enjoyable, age-appropriate learning and activities for children.

We aim to support young Quakers in living a spiritual life, while their parents attend worship to enrich their own lives. The experience differs by age group. Parents are welcome to attend with their child but are not expected to.

"What if I have babies or toddlers?"

Every Sunday, a paid caregiver is joined by one or more adult members of the Meeting for worship the way young ones do best — playing.

"What if I have school-aged children?"

  • First Day School is led by adult teachers, both parents and non-parents.
  • Classes group children by age ranges.
  • Each year a theme is selected for the curriculum.
  • Classes might include a Bible story or Quaker history, a song, and art or an activity to bring the lesson together.

"What does Quaker Spiritual Education for Kids Look Like?"

Throughout the entire process Quaker values of Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality and Stewardship are always embodied and talked about. Read more about Quaker Values in Friends Journal.

Every Sunday CPMM children meet at 11AM in Room 136 in the Cherry Street room to welcome and register newcomers and play a fun game. 

  • The 1st and 4th Sundays we then split into age groups for classes: Preschool through First grade are with Ms Sheila in the Childcare room, 2-5th grades are with Ms Becky and Ms Laura, and 6th through 12th are with Ms Jane. Curriculum rotates annually from Quakerism, Hebrew and Christian Scriptures. 
  • The 2nd Sunday is Art for Social Change led by artist and teacher Jodi Rice and Tony May. This changes monthly so check the website for details. Past projects have included the kids making stamp art cards that they sell after meeting in raise money for Malala’s campaign., fun with bubbles, note cards or button name tags for CPMM members, and ceramics. 
  • The 3rd Sunday is a Service Project. This can be anything from writing letters to the sick or imprisoned, to raking the meeting’s patio, to decorating cookies for the holiday dinner. 

After FDS we gather together to hold hands, sing a song and enter the Meeting for Worship for the last 10-15 minutes.

"What is your child safety policy?"