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What to Expect At Meeting for Worship

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Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting strives to be an open and welcoming place. If you have questions, please let us know.

Central Philadelphia Meeting for Worship

We are a spiritually diverse community with Christians, Universalists, and Non-Theists who worship together. We practice "unprogrammed worship" which means there isn't a sermon. Instead, we prayerfully wait for guidance and messages from the Divine, and sometimes we feel called to stand up and share these messages. When someone stands and shares a message, this is often called "Spoken Ministry." Please watch this brief QuakerSpeak video for a quick overview of what to expect at Meeting for Worship. The first video on this page will give you a quick overview of what to expect when you join CPMM for worship.

Is Quakerism Right for Me?

You are welcome to join us for worship. Get to know us and ask us what it means to live as a Quaker. Quakerism isn't going to speak to everyone, but we hope you will come and get to know us. The second video on this page will give you and idea of what Quakers feel being Quaker means to them.

Watch this 7 minute video.