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You Can Make an Online Gift to CPM

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Dear Friends and Attenders of Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting,

Through Philadelphia Yearly Meeting’s online contribution service, anyone can now make a secure contribution of a one-time or recurring gift to Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting online with no fees charged to you or CPMM.  

Click here to give right away!

“Will I or CPMM be charged a fee for this service?”

No, none whatsoever. PYM covers the 3% transaction fee charged by the processor, Acceptiva.

“What are my payment options?”

The donation can be by credit card or by ACH checking account withdrawal.

“Where should I look on the form to make sure my gift goes to CPMM?”

  • You will see on the page that there are two sections for making a gift.

  • The first is for gifts to the PYM annual fund.

  • Below that is the section for gifts to monthly and quarterly meetings.

  • Select CPMM from the drop-down menu in that section.

  • If you wish, you may give to both PYM and to CPMM in a single transaction.

“How can I make recurring gifts to CPMM?”

  • You may make a one-time gift or a recurring gift.

  • Recurring gifts can be scheduled for once a week,  every other week, monthly, quarterly, twice yearly or yearly.

  • Recurring gifts can be limited to an end date or total gift amount.

“Can I change or cancel my recurring gift?”

Friends will have direct access to independently change or cancel their recurring gift at any time.

“Will I still get a receipt for my gifts?”

Friends will receive an email receipt from Acceptiva, PYM’s online donations processor.

“How does CPMM receive my gift if it goes through PYM?

  • PYM will send a quarterly check for the total amount that was donated to the meeting.

  • PYM will send a quarterly statement of the donor names and amount of the gifts to CPMM.

“Where can I find additional information?”

Detailed instructions for how to make a gift can be found at:

Please address any further questions to our main contact link.


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