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Center for Community Transitions Women's Facility Project

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Charlotte Friends have a long-standing relationship with the Center for Community Transitions Women’s Facility.  The non-profit CCT provides services to people with criminal records with a goal of helping them build lives that will support a successful transition into the community.  CCT has been operating the Women’s Facility (formerly ECO Center for Women) for 27 years.  The CCT Women’s Facility is a contract prison, a work release facility with a capacity of 30 women who are in the last two years of their state prison sentence, and is located just minutes away from the Charlotte Friends meeting house.

In support of the transition services and experiences provided by the CCT staff, Charlotte Friends provide Life Academy sessions, financial support to CCT, cultural and recreational outings for residents to enjoy in the community, and transportation support for trips to purchase necessities.  Friends run the 6-week Life Academy sessions four times a year, with weekly one-hour workshops during the sessions.  Workshops reflect the particular gifts of Friends who lead them, from balloon sculpture and French cooking to skills for connecting to people from different international cultures. 

The Friends who have been directly involved in experiences with CCT residents will quickly tell you that they have gained much more than they have given through this relationship.  The CCT project has provided Friends a gratifying way to meet that of God in others and in ourselves.