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Meeting Finances & IRS – 7/1993

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Summits’ use of services of an undocumented worker as cleaner. IRS requires 1099 for payment of > $600 to individual contractors. New York Yearly Meeting did a study about Friends’ response to the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. The following was written by the Summit committee after review and careful consideration of all information. The meeting approved it. In the matter of reporting the earnings of undocumented workers, who are unable to obtain appropriate documents, the Meeting has seriously considered two sets of obligations and responsibilities: one to the state and federal government of which we are citizens, and another to the welfare of an individual who works for us. Finding these two obligations in conflict, the Meeting elects not to report the earnings. We do not take this stand easily or lightly. When and if the government changes its current policies, this decision should be reconsidered. It was agreed, however, that another minute addressing related concerns be prepared. However, the cleaner quit and the new cleaner is documented and we told her we would file form 1099. So, work on the additional minute was dropped.