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Approved as a standing committee of the Meeting in 2005, the Communications Committee was formed to facilitate better communication both within the Meeting and without.

The committee is responsible for

  • production and distribution of the monthly newsletter (paper and electronic);
  • production and distribution of the annual Fellowship Directory;
  • maintenance of an accurate relational database to support mailings and Directory;
  • the Meeting’s communications capabilities including telephone and website with Master Calendar

for scheduling events and usage of the meeting house;

  • audio-visual equipment and related communications and access issues (e.g. hearing assistance)

in the meeting house;

  • public relations including generation of media releases and maintenance of materials to assist

other areas of the Meeting requiring outreach support;

  • signage, both outside and inside the meeting house including such things as placement and use

of bulletin boards.

Members of the committee include

  • Editor of the newsletter;
  • webmaster for the Meeting’s website and listserve;
  • Directory coordinator;
  • database manager (can be combined with directory coordinator);
  • Additional positions that historically have fallen under the purview of this

committee are representatives to the

  • Chatham Interfaith Council,
  • Summit Interfaith Council.

Since our inreach and outreach functions often overlap, we are challenged to hold both communities --internal and external--in mind as we undertake our various tasks. On advancement and outreach activities in particular, the committee tries to work especially closely with the committees of Oversight and Ministry & Counsel with whom we share many similar concerns.

Communications Committee Written October 2009

Our Meeting newsletter functions as our primary communication tool, informing Friends near and far about the life of the Meeting.

The editor publishes the newsletter, both in print and electronically, in a timely way. The goal is to get the newsletter into Friends’ hands before listed events occur. Members and attenders list events on our on-line calendar and post articles on our Web site. The editor uses this information to compose the newsletter.

The newsletter editor serves as a member of the Communications Committee.

See the Communications Committee internal Web site page for details about current practices for composition, production, and distribution of the Meeting newsletter.

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