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Young children/child care

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The Child Care Coordinator's (CCC) ministry is to the youngest members and attenders of the Meeting. The CCC ensures the comfort and safety of children ages 12 weeks to kindergarten. This is accomplished as follows:

The Child Care Coordinator:

  • obtains the services of one or more babysitters for regularly scheduled Meeting for Worship.
  • obtains one or more babysitters for Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business, and other occasions when a representative of a given meeting has contacted the coordinator at least two weeks ahead of time and asked that babysitting services be made available.
  • orients babysitter to job expectations*, the layout of the meeting house and where where to go in case of emergency or need for help.
  • set out age-appropriate activities for the children; afterwards assists parents and children in cleaning up play space; records hours in notebook provided and ensures light is turned out
  • makes sure there are snacks and beverages available.
  • works out a payment arrangement for the babysitter with the Treasurer.

The babysitter will be paid at the rate of $12 per hour. If no children come to be cared for by 30 minutes after an event’s scheduled start time, the babysitter will be paid $10 and released. The hours for which the babysitter is hired should be set ahead of time, starting 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. If a meeting runs longer than scheduled, the babysitter should be paid $5 for any part of the first 30 minutes of overtime, and the full $10 for anything from 31 to 60 minutes of overtime for each hour of overtime.

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