Easy Even Sundays: Committee Rotation for post-meeting hospitality

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Which committees are responsible for which Even Sunday tea and coffee?

Our hard-working Hospitality Committee has instituted a way of sharing the work of preparing for (and cleaning up after) the refreshments we offer in the Social Room after meeting for worship on second and fourth Sundays. For each month, one of our standing committees takes responsibility for:

  • Making the coffee and hot water for tea
  • Bringing refreshments (finger foods preferred for fewer dishes to wash)
  • Preparing the offerings in the Social Room
  • Hosting the hospitality time following the rise of meeting
  • Cleaning up left-overs, washing any dishes, restoring any furniture used
  • Sweeping up any crumbs, mopping any spills on the Social Room or hall floor

The rotation of committees has been determined through the end of Summer 2016, as follows.


October 11 & 25: Adult Religious Education

November 8 & 22: Skyspace

December 6 & 27 only (Christmas Breakfast = 12/13): Property & House


January 10 & 24: Worship & Ministry

February 14 & 28: Religious Education

March 13 & 27: Peace & Social Concerns

April 10 & 24: Care & Counsel

May 8 (Mother's Day) & 22: Finance

June 12 & 26: Landscape

July 10 & 24: Office & Administration

August 14 & 28: Stewardship


Committee clerks who need to change their group's month are asked to notify Betsy Wallace as soon as possible: [email protected]