Forms for Peace and Social Concerns Grants

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Applications for small grants to nonprofits you work with are open now and due by Thursday, April 30.  These grants are awarded out of $5000 set aside annually by the Meeting for this purpose.  The Peace Committee reviews these applications and makes recommendations for awards at meeting for business.  Everyone who applied for and received one of these grants last year needs to fill out a report form to let the Meeting know how the money was used.  No renewals of grants will be awarded without this report.  Please provide some detail in your report.   Forms to apply for a 2020 grant and to report on the use of awards given for the year 2019/2020 are available below. Applications and reports should be sent to Linda Rosenwein, clerk of the Peace & Social Concerns Committee ([email protected]).  Sample forms (for review only) will also be posted on the kiosk in the foyer.