Help Wanted: Newsletter editor

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I have been wearing the newsletter editor’s hat for about 16 years (maybe more, pre-dating the online versions), and finally feel ready to pass on that hat to a new editor. I imagine making the transition gradually over a few months once a new person has been identified and approved. Here’s what you should know about the job if you are considering applying:

  • You can do this job entirely away from the Meeting, provided you have a computer and Internet access.
  • People send newsletter notices to; they are redirected automatically to your mailbox. (ongoing; no work needed)
  • You prepare a rough cut of the newsletter in the word processor of your choice. (a few hours)
  • Once that first cut is more or less complete, you import it into a new email in Vertical Response, the marketing email program that we use (similar to Mail Chimp, Constant Contact and others). You can polish it there, and send test copies to a few volunteer proofreaders. (several hours)
  • Once it’s ready, you schedule publication (usually by Friday before the first Sunday of the new month) and send it off. (5 minutes)
  • You maintain the mailing list of people who want to subscribe; the secretary will send you new requests occasionally. (ongoing, a few minutes for each one)

I’m happy to answer questions from anyone thinking about taking this on.   Phil Jones