Peace and Social Concerns Grant Application

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Requests for proposals for P&SC's yearly grants are being solicited.  Send your proposals, as documented in the application, to Marlena Santoyo by April 30.  We will present the Committee's recommendations to Business Meeting in May.  The application form is attached to this post; see the Files section below for the download link.

To help you understand the kinds of organizations given money and the amounts given, the following grants were given last year.


  1. Earth Quarker Action Team:  $800 (Eileen Flanagan)
  2. Friends of Wissahicken: $150 (Cyane Gresham)
  3. Wissahickon East Project: $200 (Cyane Gresham)
  4. Friends of Cresheim Trail: $50 (Cyane Gresham)
  5. Friends of Vernon Park: $200 (Cyane Gresham)
  6. Planet Philadelphia: $450 (Kay Wood)


  1. United Nations Association of Philadelphia: $750 (Mary Day Kent)


  1. Crossroads Community Center: $1000 (Jean and Peter Warrington)
  2. Black Liberation and Community Development: $600 (Ellen Deacon)
  3. MathCorps of Philadelphia: $500 (Roger and Patricia Walmsley)
  4. Abington Library Adult Literacy Program: $300 (Meg Mitchell)