Peace & Social Concerns: Electing Liberal Candidates in the Area

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Some people in the Meeting have expressed to Peace & Social Concerns the need for further information about how to help elect liberal candidates.  The following information was gathered in early summer.  Andrea Koplove is working with the organization Turn PA Blue with the object of electing Democratic candidates in the area.  Her strategy, gleaned from Art Haywood (our state senator who gave a talk to the Meeting about effective citizen advocacy and teaches courses on this topic), is to work on local (state) candidacies in areas near Philadelphia where Democrats are not assured a victory but there is a chance of Democrats winning, i.e., “purple” districts in the near suburbs.  Campaigning in “blue” districts is less likely to change things, as Democrats will be winning there anyway.  This is a little confusing this election because of the new lines drawn to counteract previous gerrymandering.  Information about the new districts can be found here (as well as the Turn PA Blue site, see below).

To volunteer or find out more information, contact Andrea at [email protected].  Or, go to the website Turn PA Blue ( and sign up.  You can get on a mailing list to get updates, there as well.

Andrea or someone from the organization might be available to come to a meeting and give a presentation.

Volunteers are needed for various activities:  canvassing, writing postcards, phone banks, text banking, etc. There is carpooling to various areas to support Democrats up and down the ballot. Among the purple areas where help is needed include Upper Darby, Springfield, Some Bucks County areas, Delaware County.

Candidates who have a reasonable chance of winning (as of early this summer) include Maria Collett (going for State senator), Sarah Johnson Rothman (going for State representative).  Chrissy Houlahan will already get a lot of attention as she is running for federal office, federal representative.  In Pottsdown, Joe Ciresi has a shot.  Liz Hanbridge in Whitpain has a shot.  Kathy Muth for State senate has a shot.  In Delaware County there are a lot of seats that Democrats might be able to pick up.