Planning for life (and taxes) post-DOMA

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Several Friends have been discussing the impact of the recent demise of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) on same-sex couples, particularly with respect to taxes and legal issues. Laura Melly, Jude Brandt and Grace Moses have identified two resource people, one knowledgeable in matters of finance and the other (Dylan Steinberg) on Marriage Equality Litigation in Pennsylvania. They have organized a workshop on Sunday, 24 November and sponsored by Care & Counsel Committee, to share what they’ve learned with same-sex couples, their straight allies and friends in Philadelphia Quarter. The event will begin at 2:15 pm in the Social Room and run for 1-1/2 hours. 

In related news, we were asked by Philadelphia Quarter to give a response on marriage equality. Chestnut Hill has supported same-gender "ceremonies of commitment" in the 1990's, same gender marriages in 2005. Those working on our minute are Jeff Perkins, Lynne Shivers and Laura Melly.