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Our meetinghouse is home to Shiné, a project of meeting member Katy Hawkins. Shiné is under the care of our Worship and Ministry Committee because Katy offers more than simply "yoga classes" but an opportunity to engage spiritually in a different way that is complementary to our waiting worship on Sunday mornings. Find class times and more at and learn about Shiné in Katy's own words here: 
QUESTION: What is Shiné: Mind/Body/Spirit?
ANSWER: Pronounced SHEE-nay (Tibetan for "calm abiding"), this is a studio housed in Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting, offering a fresh take on yoga. Shiné has grown over the last five years, filling out the expression of its original vision: expanding the boundaries of how we study embodied practice. May 2019 will mark our fifth year of generative, creative growth. Here's a sense of what we're about:
  • 9 weekly classes that push the envelope of how closely creative movement can be fused with poetic language and theme.
  • A burgeoning community of folk invested in embodied spirituality, the kind that dips beneath the tip of the yogic iceberg to explore the deeper world of meditative and ethical teachings underlying the physical practice.
  • Seasonal Saturday Series, which offer unique offerings: a winter visiting artist series where movement is explored alongside work presented by local visual artists and writers, summer water meditation and flow at a private pool with sauna set back in the woods, and nature wandering and meadow yoga in the Wissahickon each spring and fall.
  • Online course offerings include a meditation tool kit and wisdom teachings for transformation:
  • Weekend retreats providing opportunities to deepen the spiritual work that can’t be tackled in shorter sessions: a winter retreat on discernment, a retreat themed on rebirth each spring, and a creativity reboot in the autumn.
  • Benefit classes to raise community awareness (and thousands of dollars) for important social justice causes such as Innocence Project, Historic Fairhill Revitalization Project, Alternatives to Violence, POWER, Threshold Choir, Ferguson Legal Defense, and Earth Quaker Action Team, alongside fundraising for meeting our own annual budget and special undertakings such as the solar panels.
  • A chair yoga program that has grown over the last seven years into a thriving, diverse group that defies the norms of what kinds of people and bodies do yoga.
  • Weekly newsletters that share art and poetry reflecting the spiritual themes treated in Shiné classes that week.

*All are welcome!*