Simply lovely simple gifts

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Thanks to the entire Meeting for your generous response to the 2014 Simple Gifts Bazaar. Your support helped two disadvantaged families to have a happy Christmas and allowed our own First Day School children to gain an awareness of the needs of others and the difference their individual efforts can make.

As it did last year, the Philadelphia Interfaith Hospitality Network (PIHN) offered the Meeting’s First Day Schoolers the privilege of helping with gifts for two special families who are becoming independent, but are still on the borderline of financial security. Each mother (one with two children aged 9 and 15, the other with three children aged 3 months to 2 years) received a gift card and was asked for a limited list of suggested toys and personal items for each child.

On two Saturdays in December, First Day School children and adult helpers worked together to create wondrous gifts to sell in our fundraising effort. We took orders for festive greenery and baked goods. Special thanks go to Al Vernacchio for stunning origami wreaths, to Judy Wicks for sharing book proceeds, to Elana deGuzman for delightful hand-crafted felt dolls, to Tricia Walmsley for baking wizardry, Diane Dunning and Tricia for beautiful seasonal swags and centerpieces, and to Esther Gilbert for lovely knitted scarves; thanks to helpers Evangeline Bragitikos, Sarah Sharp, Erica Warshawer, and Carla White; and very special thanks to the children who created many clever cards, gifts, ornaments and food and who exhibited true entrepreneurial spirit in their enthusiasm and outreach acumen. The proceeds from the successful efforts of all resulted in the fulfillment of Christmas wishes for each family.

The Santa Delivery Team was the Bragitikos family, the Walmsleys and Iyanna White; Evangeline Bragitikos, Diane Dunning and Tricia Walmsley did much of the planning, creating and purchasing. Heartfelt thanks and a very Happy New Year to one and all.