Waking Up White book discussion group begins March 11, 2018!

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Due to the high level of interest, there will be two groups meeting at different times but discussing the book Waking Up White by Debby Irving, on the same schedule. One group will meet on Sunday, 9-10am; the other on Tuesday, 1-2pm. The first Sunday meeting is planned for March 11, the first Tuesday meeting for March 13. The first meeting of both groups will be held at the meetinghouse. At the first meeting participants should be prepared to discuss the section headed “Childhood in White.” The plan is to continue meeting every two weeks, preparing one section for each meeting.

The book has 8 sections, ranging from 20 to 45 pages, each with several chapters. There is at least one thought/discussion question at the end of each chapter. Participants will be expected to read all chapters in each section and journal responses to all questions presented in the book. During the discussion meetings, participants will share from their journals on one or more questions and discuss further questions or responses to the entire section.

We encourage you to commit to reading the entire book with the same group. However, since both groups will be reading the book at the same pace, if you can’t make a discussion meeting with your usual group, you could join the other group for that discussion. If you are not able to meet regularly at either time, but are willing to do the reading and journaling at the same pace, you are welcome to join one of the discussion groups when you are able. We do ask that people do not come to a discussion if they have not read and journaled responses to the book section being discussed.

We hope to gather the entire group together at least twice. We will decide on a time and place for these meetings once the groups have gathered and settled. If the participants are willing, we hope they will record “Ah-Ha” moments resulting from their discussions, to be shared later with the combined group and possibly with the entire meeting community.

Waking Up White by Debby Irving is available at book stores, including FGC’s bookstore, for $20. An eBook version is available for $10. To get the book for $12, which must be paid in advance and may require two weeks for delivery, see Meg Mitchell or email her at [email protected] by Monday, 2/19. All of our local libraries have copies, but many have waiting lists. This book has been around for several years; you may know someone who has a copy already.

NOTE: The Wednesday morning worship group at Chestnut Hill Meeting and the Friday evening session of the Evergreen worship group will be reading aloud select chapters from Waking Up White, followed by worship sharing. These groups may or may not follow the same schedule of readings as the discussion groups. For more information, please contact Esther Gilbert ([email protected]).